I was born in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1973. I followed family tradition and finished Goldsmith handicraft. Beside that family tradition my intimate interests were based in drawing and painting. Later on, I am more and more occupied with studying and copying the masterpieces of other traditional artists, taking more serious steps in collecting practical arts and crafts experience. Willing to continue, in 1995 I enrolled the Academy Of Fine Arts in Sarajevo the capital of Bosnia an Herzegovina and intensively started to work with various techniques on canvas and other kinds of traditional medium, having few individual and group exhibitions in and out of home country.

Since 1986 my personal “art history” is accompanied with passion for Computer Graphic in general through legendary personal home computers ZX Spectrum, Commodore and AMIGA so, in middle 1990’s, when PC became powerful tool, CG takes a great deal in my work trying to join traditional and digital techniques having great or at least interesting peaces! Considering both, 2D and 3D projects going even further through animation, making those projects "alive" and that is why my work full of different media, approaches and projects.

Today, I still live in the city of Sarajevo working as an motion designer and illustrator on various graphic design projects on daily and long term basis.


Hasan Bajramovic

Deputy CEO at Gate21 | Character Supervisor | Lead character artist Blur Studios

Alen is a very talented and dedicated artist with whom I had pleasure to work with. He is responsible and works well under stress of tight deadlines. He is very versatile and knows how to find his way around every problem that he encounters. A great team player, colleague and friend that I would highly recommend.

Miso Bugarski

Director Global Construction & Facility Management in SWAROVSKI

Great artist and even better person. It's a pleasure sharing profesional experience with Alen.

Darijan Kalauzovic

Character Rigger at Gate21

Alen is not just a great animator, but a great generalist as well! A delight to work with. Responsible and reliable those are the two words i would describe Alen

Darijan Kalauzovic

Emir Durmisevic

Illustrator, character/concept design & visualisation

I had an opportunity to work with Alen and I can say that he is exceptionally dedicated, professional and focused...

Emir Durmisevic

Bor Dizdar

Multidisciplinary Designer Specialised in Digital Design, Website Creation and Branding

Alen is a kind of a guy who can visualize any idea you have. He is very committed to everything he does. It was a pleasure to work with Alen and it is a pity that it did not last longer. Besides that, he is a very nice person and you do not need long time to become friends with Alen =)

Andrej Jagar

Lead Animator at Wargaming

Alen is a hard mix of art and technology. His wast knowledge of modeling, art, technical things and animation is rare nowadays. His cheerful spirit is what kept us going in hard times. I'd recommend Alen for any position in this industry.

Edin Sandic

Photographer and Videographer

Technical professional, excellent graphic artist, a good assessment of the needs of the client, job done to the end 100/100.

I give all the recommendations.

Haris Memija

Media Researcher at Confidential

Ih kol'ke je ograde Alen preskakiv'o... I to iz-mjesta, bez zaleta!
Nikakve G-sile se ne boji, ni hladnoće a ni vrućine. Sjedi malo uz Alena, pa ćeš vidjet' kako Alen isijava dobru energiju - isto k'o da malo sjedneš uz vodopad ili pored neke lijepe čiste rijeke...
Alen Ajanović is very professional, nice person and one of the best graphic designers.
Anybody wants more info - please do contact me,at:
Kind regards, Haris Memija

Jasmin Hadzigrahic

Head of IT department at Central bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nevjerovatna osoba što se tiče ideja, mislim da je tako nešto teško pronaći u Sarajevu. U potpunosti se možete pouzdati da ćete imati unikatnost, profesionalnost, kao i privlačnost u svakoj vrsti umjetnosti koju Alen ponudi. Ja sam imao priliku da Alen uradi pripreme za štampu reklamnog materijala za firmu S&T BA, takođe smo sarađivali na drugi grafičkim projektima, gdje sam u svakom smislu riječi bio prezadovoljan. Skromnost mu je vrlina, a predanost radu njegova najveća snaga.

Dzanan Drobiv

Procurement, storage and sales manager at Iskraemeco d.o.o.

Alen is the most creative person that I have known in all my life. You have the idea, he has a final product for you!

Ask Gashi

Arbete Miljö Religion

Alen har visat originalitet, känslor och konkretisering av de beställda produkterna samt en god kännedom för marknaden, kunskapen och de senaste utvecklingen inom omrodet media design, animeringar, photo och publishing. Varmt rekomenderar