Dash by dash...

This is page with some of my concept art, paintings or sketches made with pencil, ink, oil, acrylic ect... Illustration of different contexts, especially with fantasy themes, were and still are, kind of of my favorite subjects but, there is always a space for other things like portraits and scenes from real life. Some drawings or paintings seems to be “dark” but, however, they might be not. The accents of fantasy, myth or religious views are present indeed, things that might be true, perhaps not… things that everybody can accept on his own way. Intentions of my work are good and I am sorry if somebody missed the right message. If does, please be free to ask for explanation.

All the work I made is with personal touch and experience mixed with academic knowledge and some of my supportive professors. I never had a though if I have my “personal style” and I didn’t really care. It doesn’t matter if it is painting, drawing, TV commercial… I like to experiment and I like what I do so, as long as it looks good I am fine.

This page contains images made or rendered specially for clients, captured from 3D animation projects or experimental work. As other pages from this site, it might contain much more but, it’s hard to decide what to publish on the web. There is always this hard question if some work is finished or if it might need some more tweaking..

Presented work is considered done or at least, close to the final result. Besides, there are many ideas that could be realized but it’s hard to find time, study them and develop properly beside everyday commercial work.